Nelson's Guitar Studio

2020/2021 Studio Polices

Tuition and Payment:

*A monthly  fee is due at the beginning of every month (on the 1st or by the first lesson of each month).

*This fee reserves your weekly lesson slot. 

*Payments can be made through StripeZelleCheck, or Cash

*Auto-pay through Stripe or Zelle is recommended, so payments are always on time.

Attendance and Cancellation:

Regular attendance is expected and encouraged in order to gain maximum benefit from music instruction. Missed lessons are inevitable and, therefore, have been taken into account in the overall cost of tuition.


Each student is allotted Two free 2 cancellations each semester (Spring/Fall) These cancellations can be used at the discretion of the student of the family. Any cancellations that exceed that number each semester will be charged at the regular tuition rate. They can be used for other holidays, vacations, illnesses, emergencies and events that may come up throughout the year-any time, for any reason. These two cancellations are offered in lieu of makeups, when students miss a scheduled lesson, they simply miss the benefit of that lesson. There are no refunds, credits nor makeups provided for missed lessons

Therefore if a lesson is missed for any reason mentioned above, that counts as a free lesson and you will not be charged for one the following month. 

The semesters are from Sept.-Dec. and January to June.

A pre- recorded video lesson can also be done at the time of a lesson as an option which I will send to the student

*As a courtesy, please contact me via text to make a cancellation, and log-on to "My Music Staff" parent/student portal to cancel your lesson time slot.

*In the rare event that the teacher must cancel a lesson, a makeup lesson will be scheduled at a time convenient to the student. If no convenient makeup lesson time can be determined within the same month as the canceled lesson, the student will receive a credit for that canceled lesson. This credit will be subtracted from the student’s tuition balance due for the next month of lessons.

Termination of Lessons:

 *Participation in music lessons is “at-will” and may be terminated at any time by either the student or the teacher.

*If the student is planning to quit music lessons, it is required for the student to notify the teacher at least two weeks in advance of their final music lesson, so that the teacher may make plans to fill that current time slot with an incoming student.

*No refunds are given if a student terminates lessons before the end of the month through which they have already paid. The remaining tuition/credit the student paid for lessons in the month is considered a “severance fee.” Of course, if the student’s final lesson is the last lesson of the month, they are not expected to then pay for the following month.

*If the teacher terminates lessons, she will give at least one month’s notice to the student, and the student is entitled to the remaining, paid lessons of the month.