Nelson's Guitar Studio

2022 Studio Polices

Tuition and Payment:

NelsonsGuitarStudio follows a tuition-based system

*The the tuition can be paid in full or five monthly installments before lessons begin. For monthly tuition, it due at the beginning of every month on the 1st or by the first lesson of each month.

*Once payment is made no refunds are available unless 

Within first week of lessons - 80% refund

Within the first two weeks - 60% refund

Within the first 3 weeks - 40% refund

Within or after first 4 weeks - No refund

*This fee reserves your weekly lesson slot. 

*Auto-pay through Stripe or Zelle is recommended, so payments are always on time.

Attendance and Cancellation:


 Lessons are once a week and regular attendance is expected and encouraged in order to gain maximum benefit from music instruction. 

Students and or Families needing to cancel a lesson are asked to contact the studio via email ( 24hrs notice before lesson time.

In case of illness or family or family emergency the day of the lesson, please contact there studio immediately via phone 917-519-4335.

 As a professional concert artist, Nelson Riveros will at times, have concerts and tours taking him away from his teaching studio.
 An email will be sent out notifying students and families of the lesson cancellation, as well as notification of these absences being placed on the updated studio calendar.  However, due to the nature of some performances, Nelson Riveros may have a last second booking.  If this is the case, a phone call will be made to notify students of their cancelled lesson. 
Make-ups for these cancellations will be done in accordance to the studio's make-up policy. 

 Rescheduling:  Rescheduling a lesson during the same week as the cancelled lessons allows for continuity of the lessons to remain in tact, thus providing the best benefit to the student. 

30 days notice is required for any time off for vacation or school holidays. 

  Make-up Weeks: Throughout each term, Nelsons Guitar Studio will provide make-up weeks specifically designed to make-up missed lessons.  These weeks will be outlined in the school's calendar.  It is possible to do a "pre-make-up" which is a lesson during a make-up week before the actual missed lesson has occurred.  All make-up lessons need to be approved first between the student/family and Nelson Riveros.

 Lesson time extension:  If there is time before or after a student's lesson, the lesson time can be extended.  Extending the lesson time can be beneficial as it gives the student greater time with the teacher in a single lesson.  This provides the ability to focus on more details of a piece of music and to help with a variety of different issues they may be having with their practice.

  Remote Lesson:  If a student is sick and stayed home for school, but are feeling well enough to have their lessons, the student can opt to do a Remote lesson or a pre-recorded video lesson can be made. This allows for the regular scheduled lesson to take place, providing continuity for the student.



Termination of Lessons

Students wishing to withdraw from Nelsons Guitar Studio must submit their request in writing via email. Please note: Text messages, voice mails and discussions will not count as withdrawal notifications.  It is required for the student to notify the teacher at least two weeks   in advance of their final music lesson, so that the teacher may make plans to fill that current time slot with an incoming student. Please make  notification  via email or phone call.  

*No refunds are given if a student terminates lessons before the end of the month through which they have already paid. The remaining tuition/credit the student paid for lessons in the month is considered a “severance fee.” Of course, if the student’s final lesson is the last lesson of the month, they are not expected to then pay for the following month. 

*If the teacher terminates lessons, he will give at least one month’s notice to the student, and the student is entitled to the remaining, paid lessons of the month.